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Besides article directories, where can you submit your article? Blogs make an ideal place to host your article, especially if the blog receives a large amount of traffic. These can also be used to generate more traffic for a blog, especially if the article is properly optimized for search engine spiders. Websites also make a good home for your article, but make sure you don’t put up duplicate content or you risk being penalized 

Chances are that your article falls into a specific category, or niche. That is, unless you have written on an incredibly broad topic without getting into specifics on any single item. Specialty websites can be a great way to market your articles. These can be as effective as marketing through ezines and article directories. Most specialty websites have a pretty dedicated readership, especially if the website is updated on a regular basis. If you feel that your article fits the niche covered by the website, query the owner or webmaster and find out if they accept content. You may be somewhat taken aback by the results that this simple process can provide. In addition, many niche websites maintain a link exchange (what's come to be called a blogroll in the blogging world). These can be an excellent source of other potential websites to approach about hosting your content within their pages. Offer website owners on-topic articles that are well-written and keyword-optimized for the best acceptance ratio.

Blogging is a somewhat recent phenomenon. Almost everyone has a blog, today, from consumers to high powered corporations seeking a way to enhance their advertising. Blogging is unique in that it is a very personal means of communicating with a large audience. If you are going to post an article on a blog, make sure that it uses at least a conversational tone. Blogs can also be created specifically to host your articles. This makes them a great promotional tool, in themselves. Using blogs is an excellent way to put your writing to use for yourself. You can even monetize the blog to get some additional revenue, though this might not be the best option for a business. Monetizing your blog with Google Ads brings content targeted advertisements to your page, but it can detract from the number of click through customers that actually make it to your product or actual website. While monetizing your blog can be a great thing, you'll have to determine if it will take away from your potential customers.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Search Engine Prime

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+ Have all your search results listed in one full page unlike the search engines where search results are broken down into a mess

+ Software acts like your own personal all-in-one search engine on your desktop

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Instant Adsense Profits

Adsense Isn’t Dead Or Obsolete… It’s Just That 90% Of People Don’t Know How To Transform It Into A Treasure Chest!

Want To Easily Churn Out Profits Most Marketers Struggle to Make? Read On!

You’ve probably heard of the many ways people make money online such as ebay and all and you’ve probably wished there was an easier and less complicated way.

Truth of the matter is, making money online isn’t as difficult as rocket science, but you’ll obviously need to know the right way to do so…and one of the simpler ways is adsense.

So what is this adsense all about, really?

It’s a godsend of a system from Google where you earn via pay per click marketing. What you do is copy a code from Google adsense, slap it on your blog or website, and for every click on the ad itself, you get paid!

For a single click you won’t be getting a dollar of course, maybe just a few cents or less. However, visualize your site bringing in over 1,000 visitors a month. Multiply the number of sites you own by say, maybe 10. Now how much are you earning per month?

As you can see, the potential for having multiple streams of income is huge…but you’ll have to utilize a proven, tested method of pulling in all that massive profit. And this is where many unscrupulous gurus take advantage of new marketers by telling them ridiculous, silly adsense profit generation methods that are downright scammy, but being newbies…they wouldn’t know better.

That is the thing which has been getting on my nerves – so called experts wanting to make a fast buck off inexperienced, naive marketers!

I’d hate to put a feather on my cap, but I myself have been making a fair bit of adsense profit on the stealth. Of course I started out clueless, but was fortunate to have internet marketing mentors over the years guide me in my marketing journey.

The truth is that there is a step-by step method you can use to create for yourself a powerful, consistent cash spewing machine by leveraging on the power of adsense sites alone!

Today, you are just a couple of minutes away from discovering this amazing method – Instant Adsense Profits!

Within this guide contains a simple yet effective battle plan that will give you the edge over other competitors attempting to build for themselves an adsense empire from scratch!

Just some of the tactics and strategies that you will learn include:

* The multiple ways you can manipulate adsense for more profits

* One important thing to focus on to maximize profits for adsense

* Selecting a theme for your website that will stay profitable for the long haul

* Resources you can use to help dig up profitable topics without fail

* A step-by step, no B.S method used for pulling out profitable keywords easily

* A unique kind of tag that attracts google’s search engine spiders to index your webpage double quick time

* Google rules you’ll need to be aware of or all your efforts will go to waste!

* How to choose the right ad size so your profits will skyrocket tenfold!

* How color and layout can easily affect your adsense ads returns

* The best color schemes and types of borders that will boost your earnings dramatically!

And much, much more!

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WordPress Cash Machines

Who Wants To Learn Over 50 Ways To Make Money Online Using The Power Of WordPress?

The first thing you should do is to learn how to use the power of WordPress.

This simple content management system is your gateway to online profits.

You don’t have to learn the programming or developing stuff. Just learn the basics of how to use it.

Once you know WordPress, the opportunities are everywhere. Whether you decide to help businesses get a website or you decide to build affiliate or AdSense based websites, WordPress is your solution.

In WordPress Cash Machines, you will learn over 50 different methods of making money with WordPress.

Here are a few of the concepts you will learn:

* Learn How to Cash-in on the Local Real Estate Business with WordPress

* How to Profit from Online Coupon Shoppers and the Groupon Phenomenon

* How to Use WordPress to Build Local Business Review Sites

* How to Make Money Combining WordPress with Facebook

* How to Create Income-Producing User-Submitted Content Sites

* Generate Income with WordPress and Amazon and Other Affiliate Feeds!

* Make Your Own Niche Social Networking Site with WordPress.

* Two Different Ways to Make Money with WordPress and Food!

* Plus Many More Exciting and Profit-Driven Strategies

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